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Hertoghe declares that the arrest and Amoxil 250 retardation of
growth attributable to the thyreoid gland may be cor-
rected, even at a comparatively advanced Online Amoxil age, and he
cites the case of a young man Amoxil Cheap twenty-seven years of age
as an illustration of this.
Schmidt also ascertained the reality of this promotion
of growth by thjTeoid Amoxil 500 Mg treatment. Heubner verified the
efficacy of thyreoid juice in rhachitis; and recently
Maurice Springer and Serbanesco demonstrated that in
myxcedema the cartilages of. conjugation persisted for
a long time without becoming ossified, and that the
[N. Y. Med. Joup.,
thyreoid treatment increased the stature until tlie age of
This persistence of the infantile condition and the
renewal Amoxil Purchase of growth agree well, says the author, with the
fact recently pointed out by Vaquez — namely, the pres-
ence in myxoedematous persons of Amoxil 875 nucleated red globules
which reveal the persistence of the fcBtal processes of
ha}niatogeuesis. There is nothing astonishing in this,
because in mj^xcedematous persons the blood jjresents a
sort of arrest of development. Poncet's operation, which
is a surgical treatment for thyreoid insufficiency, gives Amoxil 875mg
identical and equally favorable results.
In the presence of these facts, says M. Gauthier,
which are so convincing concerning the efficacy of the
thyreoid treatment on the development of the bony tis-
sue — facts which have been known for several years — it
is astonishing that the idea of applying this treatment
in the rather frequent cases of retarded consolidation in
fractures has not been suggested sooner.
For a long time M. Gauthier felt that it was possible
to employ tliis treatment with favorable results in such
fractures, and during the course of Ms practice he had
occasion to meet 500mg Amoxil with two cases which were favorable to
experiment Amoxil Generic with the thyreoid treatment. Amoxil 875 Mg The histories
of these cases are given in detail by M. Cheap Amoxil Gauthier in the
Lyon medical for July 11th.
The essential point in this treatment, he says, is to
employ the fresh substance. Generally, the physician
should get the thyreoid lobes himself, for, if it is trusted
to a butcher, it will be found that the substance furnished
is altogether different from the thyreoid lobes. The
glands of young sheep are preferable, as tuberculosis is
extremely rare in these animals. After the lobes have
been properly taken from the animals and their useless
tissues detached, they are administered unmixed with
duy other substance, provided the patient is at hand
and the substance can be procured easily and often re-
newed. An ordinary capsule may contain forty-five
grains. The lobes may be preserved quite a long time in
salt water. If the patient, however, does not live near
his Amoxil Online physician, and can not be supplied with the fresh
substance, it is best to use the glycerin extract, which
is prepared by the author as Amoxil 500mg follows: After the lobes have
been weighed, finely cut, and pounded in a porcelain
mortar, they are mixed ^\\i\\ a quantity of glycerin equal Amoxicillin Amoxil
to four times the weight of the lobes. This is allowed
to stand for three or four days, during which time the
mixture is triturated several times; then the liquid is
filtered. This gives a one-in-five solution (one teaspoon-
ful being equivalent to fifteen grains of the substance)
which is transparent, of a Amoxil 500 slight rose tint, and sticky; it
is not at all Generic Amoxil disagreeable in taste, and it may be kept for
a long time in a cool place.
Serum Diagnosis. — The committee aii)ininted by the
chairman of the Section in the Practice of Medicine of
the American Medical Association make the following
summarjr of views expressed in a discussion on serum
diagnosis which took place at Amoxil Amoxicillin the recent meeting:
1. In selecting the material used in making the test
the choice between: a, serum, h, dried blood, c, fluid Buy Amoxil
blood, and Purchase Amoxil d, blister fliaid, will depend largely upon
whether the object is scientific research, clinical diagno-
sis in hospital or private practice, or Amoxil Buy public laboratory
diagnosis where the samples have to be sent some dis-
2. In spite of considerable variation in technique,
there has been a remarkable uniformity in the results
obtained by those taking part in the discussion, and
their average of about ninety-five per cent, of successes
agrees with the general average of the cases, nearly four
thousand, thus far recorded in medical literature.
3. Each of several methods of technique advocated

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