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nNBuy Glyset Online cllnic-
My by the tun]ore, except that of hunuinily. We believe that physi-
ciiins have a legal right to give or refuse their Buy Glyset services Glyset Generic to any person,
but they assume a grave responsibility when they decline to respond to
an urgent call, especially if other Purchase Glyset physicians are Order Glyset Online not easily nctessible.
On the ground of humanity such a refusal would be very severely judged
both by the profes.'^ion and by the gcnerjil Miglitol Glyset public. It is a far different
matter, however, to assume that a physician who refuses to answer a
call is liable vilhi-r to a fine or to money danuiges in a civil action.
The Use of Anenio in Hassachnsetts. — The Massachusetts Legisla-
ture at the last sc-Hsion directed the distribution of large Glyset Price quantities of
[N. Y. Med. .Iotr.
arsenic for the [mipose of destroying the gypsy motli, and many liun-
dred pounds have been scattered over trees, bushes, phmts, and vege-
tables in a comparatively small section not far from Boston. It is said
that not less than three tons of Paris green was used in this way within
tliree montlis. Ex-Mayor Cobb, of Boston, recently died from Purchase Glyset Online poison-
ing with arsenic absorbed, it is Order Glyset said, from the paper on the walls of the
house he had been occupying, and there has been considerable discus-
sion over the dangers incurred by the use of paper, confectionery, and
other articles Buy Cheap Glyset colored with arsenic. An effort will be made to secure
legislation preventing the present Glyset Cost unrestiicted use of the dangerous

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