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Acai Berry Purchase
Acai Berry Purchase

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Each one " discovers " what he can
To make a name or mar a man.
His glory lasts about four weeks.
Afterward no one of it speaks.
Each folly runs its course specific ;
And people call this " scientific."
So slowly passes year by year
Of Docent's suffering career.
For, ah ! with all his application.
He fails the Berry Acai longed "Professor's" station;
Thereby our Docent's entire What Is The Acai Berry stage
Comprises but the larva age.
For his own merit, of all things.
Is suited Acai Berry Buy least for growth of Acai Berry Supplement wings.
Make but one other change in life ;
Pay court to the Professor's wife ;
With higher aims strive valiantly
To rise within the " colony."
A kindly warmth your limbs will thaw
When you've become Acai Berry Purchase a son-in-law.
Class II. The Specialists.
Even in our Abc Acai Berry calling is provided
That higher art should be divided.
Each province is well isolated.
For " science " is so complicated ;
Smith leans to neurotherapy ;
Jones more to gynaecology ;
Currie's a dentist and my own.
And skin disease is cured by Cohn.
Each specialist is known What Is An Acai Berry to be
Unquestionable " authority."
Order 1. The Neurolouist.
Medie«4 sanitarium nmropathicum privatum dirigens.
A large role in disease to-day
Neurasthenia is known to play.
At times with speed like that of steam Where Can I Find Acai Berry
It rushes through life'-s vivid Where To Purchase Acai Berry dream.
The pallid Where Can I Get Acai Berry youth in tenderest Acai Berry What Is It years,
While yet scarce dry behind the Acai Berry To Buy ears.
Wrestles with Purchase Acai Berry Bacchus and How To Buy Acai Berry (Jambrinus,
With nicotine and goddess Venus.
The maiden, in steel corset tight.
Like the Nyanza, blooms at night ;
Inflames her chaste imagination
With scenes of Zola's mild iTcation ; Where Can You Buy Acai Berry
Acquires as sign of culture then —
For this belongs to " upper ten " —
Chlorosis and amcnorrhiea
Combined with " reflex diarrlm-ii."
A nervous female in Acai Berry Capsules thai line
Surpasses all the lluses nine.
This trouble is conveniently
Peculiar to the "Quality."
It stands the doctor in good stead
As a means to win his daily bread.
The doctor is a pure clinician Where Can I Buy Acai Berry
In his rude, embryo condition.
But he attends most punctually
The lectures on p.sychiatry.
Then modestly his name appears,
As " Specialist for many years,"
To which he adds, with zeal astute,
A Neuropathic Institute,
" In the most charming What Are Acai Berry region " lives
[Particulars our pamphlet gives].
Forests with fragrance of pine cone,
Atmosphere laden with ozone.
From northern blasts by hills protected,
Romantic picnic tours projected ;
Around the Home a noble ground ; Where To Get Acai Berry
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