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Related post: partial paralysis, or a stiff joint. In many cases
the therapeutic outlook is even less favorable, and
finally in the paretic absolutely hopeless. If only
these patients could be seen, a correct diagnosis Buy Aldara Cream
made, and proper treatment given at the beginning
of the disease ! Then the cure is possible and all
this needless expense and suffering could Aldara Online be pre-
vented. The fight against tuberculosis has been
carried out with energy and Aldara Imiquimod with most creditable
sympathy and aid of the public. The fight against
syphilis is perhaps just starting in earnest, and as
compared with the difficulties which arise in the
control of tuberculosis, syphilis should be a com-
paratively easy matter to attack. Cooperation of
physicians, hospitals, the public health department,
and the public seems to be almost the only means
to reduce the incidence and unsuspected ravages of
this ubiquitous disease.
680 M.A.DISOX Avenue.
A Discussion of the Treatment.
By John H. Gle.\son, Imiquimod Aldara M. D., ?
Manchester, N, H., |
Surgeon, Beacon Hill Hospital.
Complete extirpation of the enlarged prostate is
the procedure recognized as necessary for the re-
*Read at a meeting of tlie Belknap County Medical Society, La-
conia. N. H., February lo. ion.
lief of the progressive and distressing symptoms of
prostatic hypertrophy.
The prostate gland is approached in two wa) s,
suprapubically and through the perineum. The
writer advanced the theory in a paper pubhshed Buy Aldara
November i6, 1907 (i), that the route of the opera-
tion should invariably and always be one of choice,
suqIi choice being influenced mainly by Aldara 5 Cream the condition
of the patient, the site and type of the tumor, and
the safety Aldara For Warts of the procedure.
This plea for a selective operation I would make
again, as I firmly believe that the best functional re-
sults and lowest mortality are to be obtained only
through adherence to this plan. Until within the
last few years the perineal operation for the re-
moval of the hypertrophied prostate was the opera-
tion of choice in this countr.\-. We maintained that
the period of convalescence was shorter, that the
wound healed quickly with less danger of infection,
and Cost Of Aldara that the mortality was lower. Recently, how-
ever, the technic of the suprapubic operation has
been so much improved, chiefly through the work
of Mr. Freyer, who does an ideal, so called com-
plete prostatectomy, that one must regard this as
the operation to select in all cases if conditions war-
rant. I would, therefore, reserve the perineal op-
eration for those patients who have hard fibrous
prostates presenting low down in the rectum. The
anatomy and surgical pathology Aldara Ointment of the prostate will
be briefly alluded to in such a manner as would bear
on the selection of the route and on the methods to
be adopted in the proposed operative treatment.
It has Aldara Cream recently been discovered that the traditional
anatomical and pathological nomenclature as applied
to prostatic hypertrophy is Aldara Cream 5 in need Aldara Prices of revision. Tan-
dler and Zuckerkandl (2) held that our accepted
division of the prostate into two lateral and one me-
dian lobe does not correspond Aldara Price with the facts. They
say that the anatomical capsule of this gland is de-
rived from, Aldara Cream Price and is intimately connected with the
endings of the pelvic fascia that meet around the
gland. They further state that it is impossible to
enucleate the prostate out of this capsule, that it can
only be dissected out, and that the term surgical
capsule is misleading. They agree with the state-
ment of von Frisch (3), that the Purchase Aldara prostatic Aldara Buy capsule
of the surgeons consists of compressed prostatic
tissue, and are convinced that the hypertrophv of
the prostate takes place exclusively in the part of the
gland which extends Aldara Warts from the internal urethral ori-
fice into the openings of the ductus deferentes, and
that this hypertrophy includes only the central
nucleus of Cream Aldara the gland. Aldara Cost
The enucleation, therefore, of the hypertrophied
part of the prostate occurs inside of a circular layer
of compressed prostatic tissue, detached from the
central part of the gland. This part of the gland is

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