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From: masterlouie
Subject: Me and My Handsome BoysBefore I start my story let me tell you about vladmodels message board
my family and myself. I am a
30 yr old father of 2 boys aged 12 and 14 (John and Michael). I yr teen model married
young and I was widowed about 3 years ago when my wife was killed in an
auto accident. I keep reasonably fit and look after best child models my boys as well as I am
able. We moved to a new neighbourhood soon after the accident so young bikiny models as to ease
the pain of our loss and soon settled in to a new routine. I became
friendly with the guy next door, he is also a widower pic girls models and is bringing up a
16 year old their names are Bill and William (Bill is the father). Bill and
I joined the same gym so as to keep fit. We meet every afternoon and go to
the gym for an hour or so and then go to our respective homes.One afternoon I decided to go straight home instead of going to the
gym. When I arrived home I found the boys bikes in the tender nude models ilegal model
driveway but could
not sun top models
see them anywhere; Williams?s bike female model old
was there as well.I went inside and could hear noises coming from the boy?s bedroom I walked
up to teen model cheyenne investigate and found the door ajar. young asian model I looked in and was dumbfounded
to find all the boys naked. John was on his hands and knees sucking his
brother?s cock while pedo models gallery William was behind him fucking him the m egan models arse.They heard me gasp for breath and sprung apart. They grabbed for their
cloths to cover up but it was too late. I sent William home with a threat
not to allow him in the house again I told John and Michael to stay naked
and to expect to be punished. I then left the room to gather my thoughts. I
went into my room to think of what to do about the situation and found that
I had the biggest hardon I have had for a long time. I found I was turned
on by what I had seen and could not ignore the ache in my balls. I took my
dick out of my pants and started mastibating for all I was worth. I was so
involved with what I was doing I did not see the boys in the doorway
watching.To my chagrin John came over to the bed and, taking my swollen cock in his
hand, he started to give me punjabi naked models a blow job (the first I?ve had for a long
time). I protested and soon found Michael joining in with him playing with
my tits.It was too much for me and I came in buckets. John swallowed all me cum and
licked my dick clean. Afterward I felt very guilty and started yelling at
the boys for doing what they did. When I calmed down and was more rational
we discussed what had happened. I modeling galleries found out that they had been having sex
with William virtually since we had moved in and were very happy doing
so. As I delved further I discovered that, not only were they having sex
with William, they were also having sex with Bill as well.To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I had a feeling that the
guys next door had a special relationship but I would never have thought it
would be sexual. In the aftermath of the sex with John and Michael nicole tinymodel members I had
not bothered to get dressed, so with all this talk about sex I had gotten
hard again, neither of the boys missed this fact and proceeded to give me
another blowjob. This time Michael was the one with his lips wrapped around
my cock. When youth pantyhose model he had my dick well and truly wet he climbed on top of me and
facing me lowered himself down so as my cock entered his tight arse. teen modeling contest
then proceeded to fuck himself with my dick until I came in him like I had
never done before. In the meantime John was licking and playing with my
balls.We slept together that night and I managed 8 nn model to screw both of them at least
twice during the night.The next morning I got up early and was feeling very guilty about what had
taken place during the night. I torrent vlad models
was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when
they came in naked as if nothing had happened. I started to apologise for
last night but was told to shut up. Both boys came little model cars over to me, pulled my
pants down and proceeded to give me another blowjob.That afternoon I took Bill back to my beautiful bikini model
place and with all three boys in
attendance asked him if what the boys had said was true. Bill children foto models confessed to
have broken both boys into man to man sex soon after we arrived. He told us
how, soon after his wife had died, he had taken a very willing William to
his bed and fucked him. They have been sleeping together ever since.The story had not only turned me on but also had the same effect on
everyone. child porno models
The boys stripped down and started to get it on with each
other. Bill told William to come over and take care webmodels tv alina of me while he chiled models started
to get it on with John and sandra model diapers Michael. William came over to me and took my
hard cock out of my pants and gave me the best head job I had kacy preeten model
ever had.I discovered I liked having sex with my boys so much that from that little giil models night
on we slept together hot premodels nude and russ teen models I couldn?t take my hands off of them. Our
relationship with Bill and William improved dramatically from asain teen nonnudemodels there on as
well with almost every night spending sandra ff models the evening together and fucking the
boys.I started buying sexy clothes for nonude russian models John and Michael and made them wear them
around the house. I also decided that they would look better hairless so I
introduced them to body shaving. Seeing as how neither of them had much in
the way asian bikinis models of pubic hair it wasn?t too hard to keep them hair free. I also had
their heads shaved to a buss cut which looked very sexy on perfect teen model them. Upon
seeing the transformation of John and Michael, Bill did teen models 13yr the same with
William.John?s gym teacher rang me and asked if he could come over and talk to alexandra teenmodel
about the way John looked, I arranged to see him that afternoon after
school. He arrived on asian bbw models time and I ushered him into the living room where the
boys were watching TV in their sexy seethrough underwear, John didn?t know
his teacher (Mr. Jacobs) was coming over so was embarrassed to have him see
him dressed like that. Mr. Jacobs seemed to be concerned as to why the
sudden transformation had taken place and also seemed not to be able to
take his eyes off of the two boys while we talked.It was easy to see that Mr.Jacobs was getting hard just from looking at the
pair of them. I called the boys over to us and explained to Henry (Mr
Jacobs) that the shaving was done for health reasons and that it was easier
to keep clean with no hair. In the meantime I had been manhandling both
boys and they had sprung hardons inside their hardcore model agency underwear. I then asked Henry
if he would cutecandid model like to have tiffany little model a closer look to which he agreed to inspect the
boys. The boys stood in front of him and I told him to inspect them. He
reached over and uncovered their genitals and with a sob buried his face
into young nake model
the crutch of John and started tennie model fucked sucking his cock while playing with
Michael?s hard dick. From then on there young models bound
was no stopping him. I left the
room to go to the toilet and when I returned Henry had Michael on his knees
and was fucking him while he was giving John a head job. Bill and William
arrived soon there after and saw what was happening. William promptly
stripped off and got down behind Henry and started papakimodels to fuck european nn models
him while Bill
and I sat together on the couch playing with each other?s cock while we
watched the tableau in front of us.>From then on the school was happy with the way the boys were shaved and we
had no more trouble with them. I was sure that there were more than Mr
Jacobs screwing my boys so I asked them one day and they told me that half
the schoolteachers was indulging model amanda lynn
in sex with them, including the
headmaster. The next day I called the headmaster and asked for an
appointment to see him and talk to him about John and Michael. The
following day, at 2 p.m., I arrived at his office and was told by his 23 yr
old male secretary to go straight in as I was expected. To my surprise the
headmaster was small models girls not alone but had a naked 15yr old student with him. The
student was bent over a chair and had a very red arse; the headmaster held
a long cane in his right hand and appeared to have been giving the boy a
caning. When I closed the door the student stood up and at ease, sandrateenmodel free pics
his hard 7inch cock at full mast. The headmaster also appeared to be in a
state of arousal and was showing a large lump in the front of his trousers.The headmaster, whose name is Kevin, asked me to sit down and talk about my
sons. I found it very hard to concentrate on the subject with a fully
aroused 15yr old standing within groping distance. Noting that I completely nude models was having
trouble the headmaster asked if I would like to inspect the boy for
damage. I said I would and the student was told to front for inspection. He
was a well-muscled boy with nice firm tits and well-muscled arms and legs,
when I asked him to turn round and bend over he didn?t hesitate. I inserted
a finger into his arse and twisted it and heard a moan of pleasure upon
which I inserted chld supermodels
another and got another moan. The teacher asked me if I
wanted to screw the boy as he was well versed in being screwed. I dropped
my trousers and put my hard cock up his arse and fucked the living daylight
out of him. When I finished the boy gave the headmaster a blowjob and then
was told to get dressed. He was then sent to his class. Kevin then ford models midwest
told child model giovanna me
that panty upskirt models most boys who misbehaved were given this sort nn modelslittle girls of treatment unless they
were punished by their parents. I was not aware that the boys were in
trouble of any kind so I was surprised at this revelation. It appeared that
since that night at our house, when Henry had eventually screwed them both,
that both John and Michael had been lollitas models refusing album young model to do any class work and had
had to be punished on a number of occasions in front of the class as well
as in Kevin?s office. As far as sunny teen model the rest of the teachers were concerned
Kevin was not aware of anyone doing anything to them. That including
sexually annebelle dream model
abusing them, Kevin had not screwed either boy on any occasion
they had been in his office.Because I had been so long with Kevin, I hairy preeteen models was late getting home and found
that the boys were home already. I called them into the bedroom and asked
them what was going on, explaining the discussion with their
headmaster. They broke down and told me that it was all a fantastic story
and had not expected me to follow it up and go and see Kevin.Upon hearing this I ordered both boys to strip completely and go to their
room and stay there until I called them. I then called Bill and asked him
to come over with William to witness the boy?s punishment. I went outside
and cut a small branch of the nearest bush and stripped it of its leaves
and twigs in preparation for what was to come. Bill and William arrived
soon after I had cut the switch and I explained to them what I intended to
do with it. Going inside I called the boys from their naked models sex room and told them to
go to the lounge room and wait. They were teen model gabrieleyoung darling models surprised to see we had company
but said nothing. I then went into the kitchen and wrote a note for them to
give to their headmaster at foot model sex school the next day, I didn?t tell anyone what
I wrote, and I put it in a sealed envelope and put it on the table.Then came the moment of truth when I entered the room I told them to turn
around and bend over so we could see their little arseholes. I started to
whip John?s arse first and then Michaels until they were crying and begging
for me to stop. I eased off for a moment and then vlsdmodels started hitting them with
my belt, which I had taken from my pants. Then I told them metal airplane models
to straighten up
and turn around, they both had a hardon and were both crying. Bill and little angels modelsx I
bent them over the chairs and both screwed pure young model their hot sore arses until they
pleaded for mercy, then we let William have tasha model
ago after we warned him he
could expect the same taylor little model treatment if he were caught doing anything
wrong. They boobs sexy models
were then sent to bed without supper. tamires teen model
I forbade amanda anderson model them to even
jack off or they could expect more of blonde av model
the same.The teen models link next morning I sent models teen pre them to school dressed in the tightest short shorts
I could find, the tightest t-shirt and no underpants along with the letter
to the headmaster I had written the night before. As soon as they were out
of sight I rang Kevin 1993 johnson model at school and told him what I had done and told him
about the letter.When they kid little model
got to school they gave the letter to the head gay abercrombie model master and he
dismissed them to their classrooms. About lunchtime he entered the
classroom and very nude model
called them to the front of the class and made them strip. It
wasn?t bad enough to have everyone teasing them and swim models tgp
wolf whistling at their
clothes but they had to vladmodele
take them off in front of everyone. Kevin then read
the letter to the class which in part read: - John and Michael had been
punished for telling lies about everyone fucking them therefore from
lunchtime until last period today they were available to anyone who kiddy model nude wished
to screwed them or do whatever they wished to them. They were then told to
stay naked for the rest of the day and to turn round so the class could see
their arses.By the end of the day they had been hit until they were black and blue and
fucked by almost every boy in their class including their teacher. I
guarantee they won?t cause trouble again. It took almost a month for them
to get over the worst day of their young lives.My brother James came to stay on leave from the Navy soon after Michael?s
15th birthday. I gave him the cook?s tour of the town and asked him if he
was interested in male to male sex. He said he had had some experience in
the Navy and was feeling pretty horny. The boys were home when we got there
and jumped for joy went they saw Uncle James. We had supper and the boys
were on their best behaviour and stayed dressed the whole models pedo
time. While we
were watching TV I asked James if he would rather watch a porn video
instead to which he answered yes but was a rc model airplane bit worried about the boys. To
which I answered that the boys had seen it all before and were not averse
to seeing model kelsie it again. John jumped up and placed the tape in the machine,
pushed play and went and sat next to James. Michael sat on my lap and
started to take my shirt off while watching the tape. I looked over at
James; John had his hand inside James?s shirt and was playing with his tit
while his other hand was feeling his cock through his pants. James was
looking worried so I told him not to worry and let it happen, in the
meantime Michael had my nonude child modeling cock out of my pants and manipulating it like there
was models 12y no tomorrow. By the time John had James? pubescent model cunt
cock out of his pants Michael
was sucking my dick for all his blouse model
worth. By the time James went to bed with
John he had fucked him twice. And had given John a blowjob in front of me
and enjoyed every minute of it.Michael slept with me that night and I didn?t get much sleep either. The
next morning was Saturday and I had the day off so we all relaxed around
the house naked it was then that I got a chance to screw my only brother
after child nude supermodel he had fucked Michaels lanakai bikini models
willing arsehole at least twice. It mexican teen models happened
when James was bending over picking something up and I walked up behind him
and goosed him. He moaned and asked me to fuck him in front of the boys; I
got the lube and fucked the hell out of him. I had been looking forward to
this day implied nude models for a long time and a very good fuck he was to. By the time he
went back to the Navy he had screwed everyone including Bill and William
from next door.The next summer I decided to install a pool in the back yard and paid for
some of it by giving my boys? willing arseholes to the builders to use as
they saw fit. I even threw William in for good measure and he enjoyed every
minute of the participation. We all hire topless models love swimming nude and have some
wonderful times fucking and sucking with family and friends. James has si models nude
left the Navy and has moved into our house and into teen model naked
room. William is in collage and is looking forward to introducing his
boyfriend to his father. Bill is at our place more than he is at his
own. The boys still run models mens nude around with nothing on and are still shaved all
over the way I like them to be. John is now 15 and Michael is 17 and they
have become very handsome boys. I am going to buy a new car soon and I
noticed the salesman eyeing John?s arse the other day, we maybe karina teen model able to do
a deal. Me? I may retire and pimp the boys for extra money, who knows. THE END

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