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Subject: Minotaur Ruler Chapter 6: Life is GoodIt had been almost a year since Kag of the River Tribe lollitas sexy 16 years lost a fight to the
Minotaur Tork, Lord of the Land, and became his pleasure slave. Three
months had past since the battle with Marg the cyclops.Kag's spine still quivered and he felt fear every time 15 years porno free he remembered Marg
and the torture Kag received. Only the fact that he was saved by his lord
and master Tork made the fear subside. Kag was amazed at how quickly teens 14 years sex Tork
had recovered from the damage that Marg inflicted in their fight. Tork had
no sign of that battle left on his body and was totally restored to his
magnificant power and might. His muscled god body was now even more
beautiful 13 year hairy girl and awe inspiring then 15 year teen porn
before as far as Kag was concerned.
Thinking of it, Kag wondered how he sex 14 years porno could have recovered so well from
Marg's onslaught and the damage Marg did to Kag's body.Looking at himself in the pool of water he and his master took pleasure in
daily, he could young pussies 14 years see how magnificent his own body was now. japan teen years
He even seemed
to be taller then his 6'7" frame was, maybe 6'9" now. His 12 year old toppless
shoulders and
pecs were massive and his biceps, while not as massive as Torks, were
massive; they had to be at least 21" around and rock hard. The same was
true for 14 year porn his back, abs, legs and neck. All the heavy work Tork had him
doing with lifting and moving large stones and tree trunks was certainly
paying off. He didn't know that the plants Tork made him eat did a lot for
his mass and made his muscles bulk faster with the exercise he was doing.He lived for his 2 or 3 times teens year 15 desnudas daily feast on the master's ooze and nectar.
The pleasure high seemed to get more intense each time he feasted on Torks
ooze and 16 year girl porn
nectar. For some reason, he knew he liked receiving his masters
nectar from inside his ass. More nectar would stay in him and slowly be
absorbed little teen 15 years
by his body. The slow absorption made the pleasure high so
intense and last for hours. Even though he still passed out from such
intense pleasure whenever Tork gave him his nectar, he seemed to be able to
last longer then he did before. He didn't care, the pleasure high was so
intense to him that nothing else on earth mattered to him. As long as his
master stayed pleased with him and provided his 3 year old kids food, shelter and most
importantly his attention and nectar, Kag felt life as Kag, Slave to Tork
Lord and Master of the Land, was as close to heaven as any mortal could
hope to be without actually dying.Once both Tork and Kag were totally healed from the Marg battle, Tork
decided it would be good for him and Kag to wrestle each other, pushing
Kag's muscles to 15 year free porn
extremes and giving him even more exercise. Besides, Tork
liked the feel of Kag's muscled body, especially when he manipulated it so
that porn kid years girls
Kag would be straining to be released. The feel of Kag's sweaty hairy
muscled body always porno under 17 years got Tork excited and resulted 16 years nude russian
in his demand for nectar.
He was very pleased that Kag's body had responded so well to the drugs in
the plants he 14year naked teen gallery
fed him, 14year girl nn especially the ones that enhanced Kag's nectar
production abilities and sped up the regeneration of that nectar. Tork
could now feast on Kag's nectar 3 or 4 times a day if he wished and Kag was
no worse for wear. That was good and it pleased him very much. He still
gloated to himself on how well he did capturing this human that was
pleasing him for so long. Never before had any human he made a slave
developed like Kag, nor lasted so long through as much. Most seemed to
become weaker and weaker and eventually stop the production of nectar.
When that happened, they were of no use naked 14 year olds to Tork and he bit into their necks
and 13 year old girlsporn drained the blood from their body. It was the only animal kill he
allowed himself. He would take the body to the far end of the woods where
lions and wolves would feed on the carcass of the human.He couldn't imagine 10-14 years girl pics doing that to Kag now. He had obviously become fond of
his slave and already almost lost his life protecting him. Marg fully
intended to take all the pleasure he could out erikson teen years of causing Kag pain. tits 14 years girls Tork
knew that was Marg's plan and felt deep down he had to save Kag. That was
a strange feeling for a Minotaur towards a pleasure slave. It didn't
matter that Kag was his property and he owned him and therefore Marg was
nothing more then a thief. There was 16 years old sexmovie
more to it than that. Tork had this
deep desire to save porn twelve years old Kag and protect him. Maybe it was the pleasure high he
got from Kag's nectar, or the company Kag provided him, or theway Kag
adored his body every time he was near. Yes, there was something 16 years virgin nude
in how he felt for this human pleasure slave. It was something totally
foreign to a Minotaur, but there none the less.Tork put his snout high in the air and sniffed. AHHHHHHHH.. there was the
scent of his Kag. The scent was teen years old tgp strong and that meant Kag was sweating and
Tork liked the feel of Kag's sweaty body. He loved the taste of Kag's
sweat when he licked Kag's body clean. Most of all, he loved the reaction
Kag nude 12year old girl always had to his body being cleaned by 16 year oldfree porn Torks large 15years sex pictures
slick tongue. Tork
always ended up with a very large batch of nectar when he finished cleaning
Kag's body.Tork headed towards the scent. He made certain to go slowly so that Kag
did not know he approached.Soon, Tork heard the sound of Kag's breathing and sounds of large timbers
being moved. He slowed down even further and made certain he was down wind
of Kag.He stopped dead in his tracks behind a large 15 years young nudists bush that was wide and tall,
enough to cover his massive bulk. He stood there drooling as he watched
Kag straining his muscles as he moved a very large fallen tree. Sweat was
running down his back and chest and abs. The loin cloth he was wearing was
dark with his sweat. The gleaming beads were running down his legs and
making them nude 13 year russian shine as if they were glass. Tork took all this in. He was
drooling with anticipation of the load of nectar he knew he would take and
Kag would give gladly. Tork stood there for a bit watching Kag's muscles
flexing and bulging and glistening from the sweat his labor was producing.As soon as Kag stopped moving the timber and paused to wipe his brow, Tork
let out a loud blood curdling roar and bellowed out in a deep booming voice
"HUMAN", as he was running full speed towards Kag.Kag was startled and never heard Tork approach. He turned in the direction
he could now feel the ground shaking with the force of Torks hoofs hitting
the ground.Kag wanted to smile as he loved the sight of his masters rippling muscled
body heading towards him, knowing how this encounter would end.Kag took a defensive stance, even grabbing for a large piece of tree
branch, shaped like a club.Tork snarled and kept moving fast toward Kag. As Tork came very close to
Kag, Kag grabbed the club with both hands and started to swing it. Just
before the club would have stuck Tork in the head, he stopped, kicking up a
large thick cloud of dirt right into Kags face. That was enough to blind
Kag who immediately dropped the club and tried to get the dirt out of his
eyes.Tork picked up the club and virgin pussy 16 year pushed it into Kag's abs, causing Kag to move
backwards. Tork kept jabbing the club into Kag and Kag continued stubbling
backwards. Finally Kag's foot stumbled on a rock and 12 year sex movie
he went tumbling
backwards to the ground. When he hit the ground he let out a loud
"oooooof" sound.Tork threw the ls-magazine 14 years sex club down and girls 10 years xxx reached for the leather rope around Kag's
waist and pulled up. As Kag was being lifted off 18 years girl sexpicture
the ground, Tork let fly
a punch to Kag's chest, hitting him on his pec. 13 years naked jpg
Then he teen panties 14 years
let fly with
another to the other pec. He let go of Kag's waist band and Kag crashed to
the ground.Kag felt Tork's hoof sexy 17 years close to his 12-15 years teens legs and quickly moved his legs hard
towards Torks leg. This caught Tork off balance and he felt his legs
sliding to the side and he was heading down to the ground.As he hit the ground, he was surprised 12 years girl porn15 year nudist to feel Kag behind him with his arms
wrapped around Torks neck squeezing tight as if he were placing a bear hug
on Torks neck. Tork stood up with no problem with Kag hanging on his back
still squeezing for all he had on Torks neck. Tork 13year old porn grabbed Kag's wrist and
began to pull. He wasn't younger 16years sex pix
using all his strength since the choke Kag had on
him wasn't all that much 16 year girl pics
and although it would affect any human, it wasn't
really affecting 10-16 year teen pussy Tork all that much.Tork went along with Kag's hold and dropped to his knee, pretending to
choke. Kag girls 14 years porno then let go of the choke and grabbed Torks horn with one hand
and began to pound on Torks neck with his other arm. Tork let out grunts
as if the blows were having some affect.Kag then reached around and grabbed Torks left arm porn young girls 10years and pulled it back. He
had Tork in a hammer lock using the weight of his whole body 16 year sex porn to force it
back and up. Tork 14-years olds porn movies
purposefully started to move his arm free, forcing Kag
to put more pressure into the hold. This was causing Kag to flex and 14 year girls forbidden
even more, as he was putting a lot of strength into it. Tork knew it and
could feel Kag straining to maintain the hold.Tork reached back with his other hand and grabbed Kag's leg at the ankle
and pulled. Kag went flying backwards to years old kiddy sex
the ground and hit with a thud.Tork lifted Kag off the ground by his ankle and had him hanging upside
down. xxx teen 15 year Kag kept swinging his fists at Tork, hoping to catch something that
would make Tork release 12 years pussy nude
him. Tork stretched out his arm that he was
holding Kag from and lifted it. This brought Kag higher off the ground.
Tork watched Kag swinging and liked the look of Kag's pecs 14-15 year girl sex flexing hard and
his biceps pumped up and his shoulders bulging. It was a pleasing sight
from this angle he had Kag. Tork then made a fist with his other hand and
let fly punches into Kag's thigh, abs, chest and head.Kag stopped swinging as by the third or fourth round of punches from Tork,
he was dizzy and weakening.As soon as Kag stopped swinging and had that look of being dizzy on his
face, Tork lifted him even higher and began non-nude 10 year olds
to lick the sweat from Kag's
legs. Then he spun Kag around and licked his back. Purposely, he was
doing it with long slow licks. After finishing Kag's back, Tork spun Kag
around, still hanging upside down, and started to lick his abs and sides.
Kag started to moan as he felt the tongue of Tork on his body. The more he
licked Kag's abs, the louder the moans became. When Tork started to lick
Kag's pecs, the porn girl 14 years moans were almost yells of pleasure. Kag's arms were
hanging straight down towards the ground. Tork started licking Kags arms
from the hand up to the pit. His tongue was slick and always covered in
saliva making the licking so very sensual and pleasing to Kag.By the time Tork began to lick Kag's neck and face, Kag face was a deep red
from being upside down so long and he had this look of total escstasy.
Tork stopped licking and lifted his face to the 13 years teenager pussy sky 14year porno and let out a loud
bellow of a laugh.He then pulled the loin cloth away from Kag's body and nibbled and licked
at Kag's cock, balls and ass. He turned Kag around again and concentrated
his licking on Kag's ass. Every now and again 16year old pussy pics he would use his free hand
to fondle and squeeze and tug at Kag's ass cheeks. He knew he was sending
Kag into a nectar producing frenzy. This was good.He finally let his tongue slide deep into Kag's ass. As he did that, he
pulled Kag close into his body so that Kag's body was rubbing up against
Torks cock.Tork reached down with his free hand and lifted Kag's head up. He had the
back of Kag's head against his chest and released his ankle as he held Kag
close with his other hand.Tork moved his hands to Kag's waist and lifted him up so that Kag's ass was
directly in front of Torks mouth. Tork let his tongue dart in and out of
Kag's ass, which was all slick and slimy from Torks tongue playing there.Kag let out a loud moan and 15 year old sex
began to pump his ass so that he met Torks
tongue each time it darted in his ass.Tork knew it was almost time and petite 14 year old he grabbed Kag by the back of his neck and
with his other hand, clamped down 12 year old nudes
on Kag's cock and balls. Tork made his
tongue wider and slicker and increased the speed of darting in and out of
Kag's 13 years porn pics
ass.Kag was screaming in pure pleasure. He wanted to cum so bad. He could
feel the pressure building in his balls and knew this would be a very large
batch of nectar for his lord. Soon, Tork knew by how Kag's whole body was
in spasms and how Kag's breathing was 16years porno picture
now panting and his moans were yells,
it was time.Tork spun Kag around and forced Kag's cock and balls in his mouth. He
substituted two of his fingers in Kag's ass for his tongue, which was now
licking and 17years teen nude rubbing movie xxx 13 year all over Kag's balls and cock. Torks throat was
flexing as he was sucking year old fuck driving fuck 16years old
Kag into total ecstasy. Tork released
the pressure on Kag's cock and balls. This time he totally removed his
fingers from them and used hot teens 14-16 years
his tongue and throat to keep pressure on the
cock and balls, slowing the release of the nectar from Kag. This was new
for Kag and he felt even more pleasure then he had ever felt before. He
screamed as his orgasm went into gear. The pressure and control of Torks
tongue and throat only allowed small amounts of cum to spurt out. Kag felt
like he was going to hot 13 years naked explode before having total release. The effect was a
very very long orgasm for Kag. When Tork felt the force of the squirts of
nectar from Kags cock ease, he released more pressure from Kags cock and
balls and started to suck and pulsate his throat nudeteens of 13 years as his tongue rough
massaged and fondled Kag's balls. Kag as usual, passed out from the excess
of pleasure he was receiving.Tork now 13 year old amateurs
could use both hands to hold free 16 years porn Kag close to his mouth and push Kag
even farther in.When Tork was satisfied he had taken every last drop of liquid in Kag's
cock and balls, he moved Kag down towards his body and 50 year old milfs wrapped his massive
arms aound Kag as he himself slid down to the ground in a super high
induced by Kag's nectar.Torks cock was rock hard and oozing like a fountain. His loin cloth was
dark with the ooze. He pulled off the loin cloth and with Kag still laying
on his body, moved his ooze covered cock to Kag's ass and slid it in. He
held Kag up a bit to ease moving the massive cock into Kag's ass. Tork
then slid himself over to a log next to him and partially sat up, till he
was pleased with the angle and ease teen picture 16 years
of having his cock in Kag's ass and Kag
laying on his abs and chest.Tork then began to lick Kag's face and hair which made 14 year naked gay Kag open his eyes.
Kag could feel the cock of his master 18 years old porno deep in him and the large amount of
ooze that was running from it. The ooze was doing it's work making teens 14 year xxx Kag
feel warm and wanting more. Kag reached up and taking Torks face in his
hands, kissed and licked Torks snout and lips and the tip of Torks tongue.
Tork let his tongue slide into Kag's mouth and perform the tickling and
rubbing in Kag's mouth and throat that set Kag wild with pleasure.Kag began to slide up and down on Torks cock as he squeezed his ass muscles
tight. Tork bellowed out a loud roar of pleasure and put his hands on
Kag's ass cheeks, squeezing them tight.It wasn't long and Kag felt the massive muscles of his master tighten and
begin to spasm and flex, and his masters chest heaving and the hands on his
ass beginning to crush his ass cheeks. Then the super loud bellowed out
roar and he could feel his 16 year old boobs insides being filled with buckets of his masters
nectar. A few of the first blasts seemed to lift Kag up his masters cock.
Kag tightened 14 years nude teens his grip with his ass cheeks as much as he could and forced
himself to slide up and down his masters cock in a frenzy of 12-year-old girls naked motion. Tork
let out a few more roars and nude 14 year girl
then forced his tongue deep into Kag's teens sex 14 years throat.
Kag didn't expect that but was taken to a new level of pleasure by it. So
much so that he felt he had another orgasm on his masters abs.His masters nectar was beginning to leak from Kag's ass, there was so much
in him. Tork felt the hot liquid on his 12years old girls pussys abs and knew it was more of Kag's
nectar. He moved his head down and licked every drop from his abs and
sucked in Kag's cock and pussy xxx 14 years balls to teens 16years sex make sure he missed none of the nectar.
He then lifted Kag off his cock and licked Kags ass and legs, placed Kags
ass over his mouth and sucked some of the nectar out, and licked what
nectar of his made it to his balls and legs.Tork let go of Kag who fell onto Torks pecs and abs and immediately began
to suckle on Torks nipples. Tork wrapped both massive arms around Kag and
gently squeezed him in tight as he licked Kags hair and face.Both were in a alicia longyear pregnant high state of ecstasy from the nectar each gave the other.Soon, Tork was snoring away as was Kag. Kag held 14year teen xxx pic his masters nipple tight
in his mouth like a suckling babe, while holding tight to Tork. Tork had
his arms tight around Kags body so that Kag would not move from him.When Tork opened his eyes, the sun was setting. He smiled in the after
glow of a very good batch of nectar indeed.Kag had pleased him well again.As he hadn't had any in a few days, Tork felt the desire for some of Kags
blood again. He did this every few days to enhance the pleasure high Kag's
nectar gave him and satisfy an animal lust inbred into him. Tork lifted
Kag from his body and picked which thigh he would use. He pulled Kag to
his mouth and let his teeth bite into Kag's thigh. He could feel the flow
of Kag's blood and he began to suck and suck. He again had to stop himself
from taking to much of Kag. He grabbed Kag's thigh above the sexstory twelve year
bite and
squeezed as he licked the wound till the blood began to clot and stopped
flowing.Tork placed Kag on the ground and stood up. He stretched and felt the rush
of pleasure and strength he always felt after following teens 16years porn nectar with Kag's
blood. He looked down on Kag and smiled. Yes, this is my pleasure 15 year girls foto
slave.Tork reached down angel nonnude 12 year
and lifted Kag off the ground by holding him under his
armpits. He then gently placed Kag over his shoulder 18 years old gay
placing his hand
firmly on Kag's ass to hold him in place. He 15 years old teenporn started to walk towards the
cave and was looking forward to a long comfortable sleep, laying over his
pleasure slave 14years girl porno picture
Kag.The gods have 10 year porn
indeed smiled on him. Life has been good.
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