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From: birthday babe 3 may Katie Johnson
Subject: Mommy's Little PrincessThis is a true story about my life it has been dramatized a little but is
much the way my life went.Mommy's Little PrincessFrom the earliest memories I have my mommy and the neighbor lady were best
friends.Mommy would take me next door to daddy cool eagle mp3 there house they had a Daughter that is a
year older than I.We were about 2 & 3 as soon as we got their Mommy would put me in the
playpen with Debbie.We got along great I would throw my toy trucks out of the playpen. At first
Mommy would put them back in with us until Her and Debbie's Mommy noticed
that I preferred playing with 95 z71 transmission slips Debbie's toys.A few months later we stopped bringing any of my toys with things went
well.About four or five months later 3 vagina shapes deer
my Mommy noticed that I did not play with
my toys at home any longer either. It was close to Christmas so Mommy asked
me what I wanted 2 adult flash fames
Santa to bring age 14 girl fucking me I told her I wanted some Barbies and
some girls' cloths.A few days later she asked again and I told her the same thing.As time went on we kept going over to the neighbors porn 21 and Debbie and I became
close friends like real sisters we were now about 11 & 12 one day we were
playing house and drunk amateur 02 I was playing the Neighbor lady.We were having a lot of fun when our Mommy's asked us what we were playing
we told them.Debbie's Mommy said we have two real nice girls here don't we.Mommy said she didn't know if this was right and they jen bb8 naked
talked along time
about me being Girlie.A few days later Mommy took me to see a Dr. He asked me a incest bulma nc-17 lot of questions
about if I liked Girl things better than Boy things I had to go back there
several times the same questions over and over.The whole time Debbie and I kept playing like Sisters and we were very
happy.Than Christmas came I got three nice Barbies and some Doll cloths I told
Mommy I wanted clothes 15 kid penis
for me not my Barbies.Mommy told me that she did not think I should ware Girls clothing I told
her why not I am a Girl and I started crying. She said we will talk it over with the Dr. on Monday she took me to see
the Dr. the three of us talked a very long time the Dr. asked me several
times why I felt I was a Girl.I told him I just 10 yo nudes am a Girl it will not change and told him I don't feel
right with boy's cloths on.The Dr. told mommy not to force me to be something I did not want to be. From then on when we went illegal 14 yo naked over to Debbie's I went up to her room as soon
as we got up there I asked Debbie if I could ware some of her cloths she
liked the idea and said we could be real sisters.So every day after that when we got to Debbie's house I would put on some
of her clothing. fuck girls 16yr
Debbie started putting her clothing she fuck 13 girl did not want in
her bottom 1960 witchs britches underwear drawer and the right side of the closet she told me they were my
under ware drawer and side of the closet. A few months later it was getting warm outside so our moms told us to go
out and play with the others.We went up to her room so I could change and in a few angels free galleries 13-16 minuets they hollered
we told you two to go outside.We ran down the stairs and out the 16 y.o. fucking girls door with out them seeing us but they
hollered no running in the house. After about a half-hour Debbie's Mommy
told Debbie we should get in the car so we could go to the super market. Debbie and I got in the car and were talking when our 36b cup breasts Moms got in the car
and started to leave. When Debbie's Mommy looked back to back out of the
garage and saw that I was warring Debbie's Dress and Mary Jane shoes she
looked at me for a minuet and said well don't we have two pretty little
Girls.My Mommy turned around and said how long has this been going on young lady?
I looked at her and said a long time.She wanted me to go change but I started to cry and asked her why she told
me I was a boy I told her no I am not Debbie and I are sisters.After a little while she gave in and let me go with in Debbie's Dress at
the store several lades commented about how pretty us two girls looked and
asked if we were sisters. When we got back from the store Mommy wanted me
to change and I told her if she would have gotten me the cloths I asked for
I would not have needed to ware Debbie's.She told me to change and we would talk it over at home while I was up
stairs changing Debbie told nylon porn from 1960s Her Mom and mine 6yo nude female porn
how much I wanted to be a real
Girl.The next day Mommy and I were back at the Drs. He told her that I showed
all the signs of Gender Disphoria and I should not be oppressed she asked
what she should do.He told her megane dress up 3 to let me express my self I may change before school starts so
the next week end it was my birthday and she had a little party for me just
Debbie her Mom and me and My Mommy.She got me a little princess birthday cake and gave me a new Dress to ware
for the party there were several Presents for me all in Little princes gift
wrapping paper the house was decorated with pink ribbon. Debbie gave me a
real nice Dress and some new panties, Her Mommy gave me a skirt and blouse
and a training bra.My Mommy gave me a new two piece swim suite three new dresses two pair of
flat shoes and a pair of Mary Jane's also some low heels.After the party we went to the theater and watched my little pony I needed
to go to the girl's room so Debbie and I went she told me it was great now
that we could go places like this.The next day Debbie wanted to 16 y.o pics naked go to the Beach we took our swim suites and
left the house.When we got there and paid to get in Debbie took my hand and led me into
the Girls locker room she found a changing xxx 720p
booth we both could use and we
changed my two piece looked real nice.We went out on the beach placed our blanket on the sand and laid down it
wasn't long before two of the boys from our neighborhood came over and
started talking to us.When we left the beach Kevin carried my beach bag and Mike carried
Debbie's. On the way home they treated us to Ice Cream at the soda shop we
had a great time.I stayed over at Debbie's house that night we had fun with our new doll's
and got to sleep late in the morning Debbie's 15yo tgp
mother woke us up and told us
to put on our nice dresses as we are going to Church it is Sunday.Debbie gave me one of her good dresses and some nice low heal shoes to ware
we dressed and I called Mommie and told her we are ready for Church.Mommie got ready and came over and was talking to Debbie's Mom My Mom
seemed worried she said what if the pastor did not approve of them both
having dresses on.Debbie's Mom said if it bothers anyone we will join a new Church next week
and said lets go we walked the two blocks to Church everyone commented on
our pretty dresses but no one seemed to know I was ever a boy.The next day Debbie came over to get me early and told me the boys want to
take us to the park to ride some rides I put on a skirt and blouse like
Debbie had on my pink sneakers and we went to meet the boys. When we got to
the park we rode several rides and had some cotton candy.When we got home our Moms were waiting for us the first thing they said was
a 12 and 13 year old girls should not be going places with a seven and 14
year old boy with out telling their moms.And they asked where did under 16 nudes pics they get the money? We told them they 15yo girls sex had a paper
route and we have been playing with them for three years and did not think
any thing was wrong with going with them.My Mommie said that Girls needed to tell their family where they are porno 13 yers
and who with.Summer was coming to a end Mommie told me we had to talk with the Dr. being
a girl at home and all summer will not work any longer and how my life was
going to go this fall as I had to start school.The Dr. told my mommie that if I was still sure I was a girl in a boy's
body. He would give me mom-son 3-d cartoon incest
a Dr. Note for school and angels 12 illegal sex a 5mm pearl necklace referral to a legal
office so I could get my name changed.My Mommie was unsure if she was ready to change my name but thanked the
Dr. and we left.The next day Mommie took me to the lawyers office so he could talk with me
he was OK with handling my name change.In two weeks I will be Katie Lynn for real. WOW that feels good we went to
the school and Mommie registered me as Katie Lynn and picked up the
information about what I needed for school and my schedule. Then we had to
stop in the school councilor office to explain my situation and get
measured for school uniforms.After that we went home and Debbie was waiting for me I told her that it
was all set I would be going to school with her as Katie.We hugged and ran off to find our friends to tell them everyone was happy
for me and glad I was in there classes with them.We all ran down to the soda shop and had a ice cream to celebrate then
after that the other girls teased me about gym class I told them that I
already have a gym uniform Ms. Wilson had one my size in her office.She 10 moms huge melons has ordered my other school uniforms and they will be here in a week.We all went to Debbie's and talked about the boys at school the other girls
were sure that I should get to know Danny Nelson because he has been asking
about me and told them I was very pretty.He told Connie he wanted to kiss me and asked her if she thought I would
let him.I told Connie I thought he was very cute and yes I would let him I wanted
to be his girl friend when we were little kids.Us Girls would watch the boys play little league baseball 8 long porn
and he was 8th grader pussy my
favorite player.School was just a week away and I was getting excited I have been thinking
about being a big girl and being away from home all day at school with my
friends as the GIRL I always knew I was.The week went very slow but the first day finely Debbie and digimon 02 episode 12
I walked to the
corner Danny and Mike met us there and walked us to school.When we got to school the boys walked us to our room Danny tried to kiss me
but Ms. Walace was watching so I didn't let him.After school the boys met us at the door and walked us home when we got to
Debbie's house we told them we were staying there until supper.Debbie kissed Mike and told me give Danny a kiss and lets go in and watch
some TV till Mom gets home so I kissed Danny and thanked bleach 227 eng sub
him for walking me
to school and home.We all went to the living room and watched TV and we were kissing when
Debbie's mommy walked in and asked what us girls thought we were doing.Debbie told her Mommy we are watching TV her Mom said I told you no boys in
the house when she was not home.She told the boys to leave and sent us to Debbie's room when my Mom got
home she called 11 12 yo nude her and asked her to come over.When Mommy got over to Debbie's house her Mommy called us down stairs and
had us sit on the sofa they both started asking us about what we do with
boys.We explained all we do nudes 13 yr is watch them play ball and go places with them like
the soda shop and beach.Debbie's Mom asked how long we have been kissing Boy's we told them today
was the first time but we have been wondering what it was like a long time.My Mommy asked us what it felt like when we kissed the boy's I told her it
made me feel all funny inside and warm all over, Debbie said the same
thing.Our Mommy's talked with each other for a little while and then told us that
they were going to make an appointment for both of non nude 10
us to see an OBGYN. Dr.The next week on Wednesday our mom's came to school and got us at 9:00
AM. And took us to the clinic when we got there we were taken into a room
with a table that had funny foot things on it.We waited there for a few minuets and a Nurse came in and told us to
undress and put on two little mp4 hardcore porn
gowns that 16 girl ing did not have 40 gal oil tank any back on them.A few minuets later a Dr. came in and said hello and sat down to read
something after free mp4 porn movies a few moments he asked how long we have been interested in
boys?Debby told him we have talked about them for two years but this was the
first week we kissed any.He looked at me and asked the same thing I said Debby and I are like
sisters and have done every thing together for five years.The Dr. told us we were a little young to be kissing boys and did we know
what could happen if we were not careful?I said NO and the Dr. started telling us where baby's come from and that it
was a good idea for us to 3 gal air tank have our first vaginal exam before we became
active.I started crying and the Dr. asked me what was wrong I told naturist 16yo him I did not
have a Vagina yet he said what do I mean yet.I told him I am a Girl but I do not have my vagina yet the Dr. told me I
see that in the notes here we will take care of you it will be all right.He showed us big tits mp4 a little movie that explained how Girl's get pregnant and 40 porn pics
a little bleach episode 60 dub Question and answer time. After that part was done the DR. had
Debbie get no the table 18 suck small dick
and asked me to go in the little room next ls-magazine issue 10 to the
exam room.A few minuets later Debbie came in the little room and the Dr. asked me to
go in and get on the table He came in and asked me to put my feet in the little foot things.That made my legs spread wide apart he came over to the table and told me
he was going to do 14 nude photo
a internal exam of me and it would feel a little strange
but not to worry.The Dr. went to the foot end of the 18 plus porn
table and showed me this giant looking
thing and told me he would put it inside me and open up so he could look
inside and check my muscle.It felt real strange but it was over fast and the Dr. let me get off the
table and sit on a chair my bottom felt goushy from the KY jell the
Dr. used.He got Debbie and had the Nurse bring our Mom's in we were all sitting in
chairs and the Dr. told us how our exams went well we were both OK and the
girls both saw the film about procreation. Dr. told our Mom's not to worry we were still 13 yo fuck virgin's.We all talked about anything that bothered any of us and when we seemed to
be under12 sex
about done the Dr. asked me if I was planning on living like a Girl all
my life I told him 8433 bustier I have no choice I am a Girl ask Debbie.The Dr. told my mom if I was going to live like a Girl I should start
taking antiandrogins and 45 70 rifle brass
in two years Hormones.Mom said she 2 40 inch booties was wondering when we needed to start that.The Dr. said he needed to 60 vanity sink see me every three months until then to make sure
every thing went well.So every three 8 rare naruto doujinshi month's I would go to his office for another exam and things
went well until one day at the exam he said well young lady tell your Mom
there will be some pills for you at Walgreen.He than told me to tell my Mom Puberty has started and it is time to plan
more and watch closer so come here every two month's now.Six months later the Dr. told me to tell my Mom that we are going to start
Hormone's and they will be at Wall green.He also told me to bring her with to my next appointment that he needed to
talk with her about any plans we would have for surgery in the next few
years.In the spring at Sunday school the pastor came in our room and told us that
we were getting to be young ladies and big brother 10 babes
could go to Bible camp this
summer. Debbie got real excited and told me we have to go her cousin told
her how much fun she had last summer with the boy's and no Mom to yell at
you.When we got home we asked our mom's if 3g adhesive strips
we could go they were not sure and
said we will see. At school the next day all the girls were talking about Bible camp and
wanted to know who all were going. They all talked about it being the place
they got to have fun with boy's without anyone thinking that we were doing
anything wrong.I saw Danny Nelson in the hall and asked him to go he didn't like the idea
until I told him we could spend more time together there with out my mom
yelling and smiled at him he said all right.That night b52s private I begged Mommie she talked to the pastor he said there will be
two girls to a room that Debbie and I could be in the same one.She told me OK but I 18 and nasty 7 need to learn 1 porn site
all the things girls do as young lady's
so I did not act strange in the bathrooms and such and only very little
make up no painted lady's at bible camp.We spent the rest of the school year ben 10 porn
planning our summer camp antics it
made the school year go faster.Debbie talked me into going out for soft ball in the spring we had a lot of
fun and did well we won enough games so we made the playoffs so we had to
travel the coach said we would be four girls to a room.When I got home I told Mommie she called the coach and said she would pay
extra if we could have a room with just Debbie and I.He said no there would need to be four people to a room we need to make
room for the whole team and the chaperone's. Mommie called Debbie's mom and talked it over with her and called the
coach back talked to him and after a little while she hung up the phone.She said I have done all I can do and the coach said four people to a room
then she smiled and told me Debbie's mom and her will be chaperones and
will be sharing our room.So the next week we were off to the playoff 14yo nude
games we did real well won all
three games so we needed to play again next week.So our Mom's went with again we did OK this time won two and lost one so we
were out of the playoffs but we did win the region and conference titles so
we had two big trophies.I went out for track too but my legs were too short so Mary Welch beat me
out of the gay therapist aetna 97124 events I was after.School ended for the summer the next russa 12yo Monday we only had to go to school to
get our things and report cards so we were home by 10:30 AM.On the way home Debbie and I talked over what we are going to bring to
Bible camp on Friday she told me that pastor told her mom no two piece swim
ware.So when we got home I called Mom at work and asked her if I could go to the
mall with Debbie and her Mom ls magazine issue 12 to get a one piece swim suite she said it was
all right.I ran over to Debbie's when I got there Mom was on the phone with Debbie's
Mom and asked her if she would buy my swim suite she would pay her back
tonight they agreed.We female masturbation porn 3gp had fun shopping at the mall I found a nice black suite with lots of
pretty flowers all over it that came with a cover up wrap Debbie found a
bright pink one with a cover up wrap we loved them her Mom approved.So we went to some other stores and picked up extra supplies for camp
Debbie needed tampon's we both needed hair care things etc.We stopped in the food court and had a snack and soft drinks, we needed to
go to the little girls room while we were in there I fixed my makeup.Debbie's Mom noticed that we both needed some makeup training so we went to
Macy's cosmetic counter and all three of us had makeovers it was wonderful
and I learned a lot.When we got home my Mom was there waiting for us she said well don't we
look pretty all dolled up with fresh makeover's.Mom told us we should not waste the makeovers get dressed in nice dresses
and we girl can go to a movie and dinner.The week seemed to fly past and we were on our way to camp we all got on a
buss at the church Debbie, Mike, Danny and I took the two back rows. After
the buss started Danny got up and changed places with Debbie so we could
sit boy girl after a few miles Danny started kissing me so Mike did the
same with Debbie.We kissed and hugged for a while and I put my head on Danny's shoulder he
put his arm around porn classic mp4 me Mike and Debbie did the same we fell asleep.The next thing we remembered Asian 01 was the pastor waking us and saying we are
here and there will be no more behavior like this we said we were sorry and
got off the buss.Danny and Mike carried pic fucked 12yo
our things to the front of our cabin and then took
their things to the cabin next to ours we were lucky to be blowjob 41
so close.The next morning our cabin leader told us there are more boys' this year so
one of the girl cabins has boys in it we need to be nice with them so
close.Then she told us there is normally only one boy 40 or older porno
for every four girls this
there is one boy for every two girls we all cameltoe and under 17 cheered she said easy girls
this is Bible camp.We had fun at the activities all day and in the evening we enjoyed campfire
time singing and story 12 yo nude photo
telling, they let us sit boy girl but no hugging or
cuddling. At 9:00 PM everyday pastor told us cabin time everyone to there
own cabin read write home talk with your roommate see you in the chapel in
the morning.The second night there was a tap on our window we opened it and let Danny
and Mike clime in we spent about three hours together.The next night they came over again and we started kissing right away Danny
started feeling me up I sort of melted into him I felt so normal and
needed.Debbie and Mike were doing the same.The next thing I knew I was rubbing Danny's groin he was moaning softly I
unzipped his pants and put my hand inside he got real hard.This felt wonderful I never had that happen to me I started HRT young he
felt so good I 13 yo girls nude pulled him out of his pant's and started stroking him like
Mary told me she had done with Nate.It did not take long until Danny started to tense up and pump his hips I
felt his penis swell up and start pulsing and warm sticky liquid got all
over my hand and bedding I felt real good and Danny looked like he was in
dreamland.In the morning I took my bedding and put it in a psk31 amateur frequencies
sink and soaked it xxx yound girl 15
I told
the cabin leader I spilled Ice Cream crack v-ray x64
on it she got me clean bedding.After chapel Debbie told me that her and Mike had a great time also but she
gave Mike a blow job so her bedding did not 12 y.o. sluts get soiled.I asked her what it was like giving a blow-job she told me it made her feel
like a real woman and Mike tasted good so did his cum.She told me we should turn our light out earlier so the boy's could come
over earlier 12 yers old porn
and be there longer I agreed with her and asked her more about
how to give a good blow job she told me what she knew.That night the boys came again and as soon as they got there we took there
clothing off and got Foto office 3 crack in bed with them.Danny and kissed for a few minuets and I started rubbing his penis he got
hard fast I started kissing my way down his chest bellybutton groin and
then I liked the end of his penis.There was a small drop of pre cum on the end it tasted real good a little
salty and tart I was in heaven.I took the head of his penis in my mouth it felt good and I got excited.I started sucking and bobbing my head up and down and massaging his penis
with my toung it felt great I started to breath harder so did Danny.I was lost in wonderment knowing I was pleasing my Boyfriend he was humping
moaning and holding my head he couldn't get enough 24 hour bondage sesion
of me.Suddenly I felt his penis swell start throbbing and afro erotica 19 then there was a
wonderful treat warm salty tangy spurt after spurt swallow after swallow
pure heaven.We were both exhausted and I fell asleep in his arms Debbie and Mike had
fallen asleep also the next thing I remember is the cabin leader knocking
on 16 yo pic porn the door morning get ready for chapel.I 12 girl nude
woke Danny, Debbie and Mike in a panic and asked what are we going to do
Debbie said Mike put this skirt sweat shirt on ad here are my pink shower
thongs Katie dress Danny we put towels around there heads and there
clothing in beach bag's.I opened the door and looked we sent them out the back cabin door they went
next door and in the back door right into there cabin leader.He thought the boy's had levitra 20mg occasion
been singled out for a 13 age girls nude prank and laughed at them
told them to get dressed it is time to go. The boys hurried and got ready
we met them in the chapel. It was the first Sunday service I ever enjoyed
sitting with Danny the service seemed so short but I felt like a woman
sitting with Danny.After Chapel we asked our councilors if 55 adult housing communities it was all right for us to hike
around the Lake with the 1980s free nude pics
Boys they said we could.We got half way around the lake to a small cove and Debbie said to me lets
skinny dip. I said are you nuts do you remember what I look like with out
pants on? Debbie said Danny knows he wont care I said he might not want Mike
knowing.Debbie turned to Danny and asked do you care if Mike would see Katie Naked?
Danny thought a little and replied he knows she has not had SRS yet I don't
think it would make porn for 3g
a difference if She does not mind.Before I could comment Debbie had her cloths off and yelled last one in is
an idiot the boys started taking off their cloths so I did also.We swam kissed and did a lot of Boy Girl things and all of 14 yo pic a sudden there
was a police officer on the shore telling us to get out of the water. Danny
got out and through me my things I got dressed and got out of the
water. Before Mike had a chance the police told Debbie and Mike out and no
cute tricks like your friends 32aa nude tgp either.Debbie and Mike got out and they got dressed the police took us back to the
camp. When we got there the police started telling the director the story
and that we needed to be in court for public nudity.When he finished the Director told him he would forget this and throw away
any record of it. AsDebbies Father was a big name lawyer and the officer would be charged with
forcing a minor girl expose 16yo girl porn herself to him. He apologized and left we
thanked the director.She told us it is not that 3 teachers stripping
easy you will not spend any time with any boy's
the rest of your stay we begged but it did no good.That girl nude 13 night the boys came 6 megapixel driverless webcam
over again and we spent the night together they
went back to there cabin early but there room was locked we 3 d porno cartoons
were caught.In the morning the director said your parents will be here by lunch you
will need to explain this to them.To be continuedComments tokatiej54650yahoo.com
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